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Inhaling trust in God, exhaling gratitude

Social media can be petty AF.

I'd be lying if I said I try not to think about the past too much, because there are lessons and memories there. Plus y'all would call me on my shit, cuz this whole blog is damn near me emoting about the past. But I try to be as forward thinking and in the moment as I can be. So sometimes when I put my head down and get to working on the work, I have to be reminded to look up and see how much I've distanced myself from what was.

So in comes the "memories from last (insert month here)" on social media. Today I got one that made me thank God that I just kept going. Focusing on the one step in front of me and then the next one, not the destination. And it's brought me quite a distance in all the ways that matter. Trusting God's plan is not easy, and often things don't make sense to us. But it always takes you to where you're supposed to be, either in the moment or permanently.

There are still things I'm trusting God to work out for me and when it's time, it'll be made clear to me.

But damn, that memory was triggering AF.



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Some days, all I can do is remind myself to take one step each day. I can't do it all or run every day and one step is ok.

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