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I found a moment of peace today, that was hard to come by, and in that moment, a word just kept popping up in my head.....


Why “hats”? Hell, I don’t know. But I have gotten past questioning the spirit, I just receive what’s given and utilize it. And now with this blog, I’ll share it.

Hats. Not as simple as an accessory to complete a look. Hats have also traditionally been used as an indicator of position or title. We can look at our military, our civil servants, our first responders, etc as examples of how hats can indicate positions of authority or leadership.

Or roles of responsibility. Which is where I will focus this entry.

We all wear a variety of hats throughout life. The spouse hat. The parent hat. The entrepreneur hat. The employee hat. The list goes on. Denoting the time and effort dedicated to the role occupied at the time, and responsibilities associated with it. Work that is often thankless, not celebrated, and sometimes not even acknowledged by the ones that it benefits. But its got to get done. And its generally you who’s got to do it.

But this blog post is not about tethering you to the hats that dominate your energy and time. This is about reminding you of the hat rack in the corner. That is there so that you can take the hats off. Sometimes you have to allow yourself time to not be everything to everyone. To lay roles to the side in order to prioritize your self care. Sometimes the only hat you need to wear is the one responsible to care for the head its on.

Be gentle with yourself. Make time to prioritize yourself. If you‘re concerned about how it will effect others, just remember that those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

So buy those shoes. Take that vacation. Buy that ice cream. Take that extra long nap. SAY ”NO” SOMETIMES. Pour that drink. Put that phone on silent. Ask for what you want. Sing and dance outloud. Go enjoy that concert. Take that walk. Whatever you want / need to do to create a memory of happiness or peace, do it. Stop waiting for permission to make yourself feel good.

When you put those hats back on, let the head they rest on be as stressfree as possible.

peace & love. MGB

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