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Sometimes it isn't ready for you

Yesterday I was invited to a Zoom meeting for this morning that had some positive potential for me. So I got up a little earlier than normal, made myself presentable, signed on, got my camera and audio together, only to find that the host was not prepared for the meeting. And requested to reschedule, which we did. I was a bit annoyed, seeing as I'd rearranged my schedule to be available for said meeting, but I did find a lesson in the experience:

It ain't ready for you yet.

This is an exercise in patience. Or a reminder, rather, because I already know better. Guess it's an opportunity for me to do better. Just like there are times where we are not ready for our blessings, opportunities, successes, etc.........sometimes those things aren't ready for US. That could be for a myriad of reasons. If we truly believe that things happen when they are supposed to, we have to understand that the preparedness has to occur on both sides.

So, let me go sit my ass down somewhere.



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